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Facade cleaning

A good blastpot for facade cleaning is easy to carry, easy to use, can work quickly and effectively, and has a lightweight beam gun and blast hose.

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Rust removal

The removal of old paint or rust from steel can be done in several ways. When layers of rust are removed by sanding or grinding, tiny rust particles will be grinded into the steel. Rust which is not completely removed, will always come back.

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Wood / Furniture

The cleaning of wood and furniture is a time-consuming and annoying work. By example: soft wax on furniture “fills” the sandpaper immediately. Also woodcarving and other “hard to reach” places are difficult to treat and thick layers of paint are hard to remove in a smooth and proper way.

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Graffiti removal

In many cities, but also in villages and hamlets, many office buildings, shopping malls, schools, road signs, lamp posts, bus shelters, noise barriers and historical monuments are defaced by graffiti.

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Yacht maintenance

Talking about yacht maintenance, the quality of work is very important. Also the efficiency in the maintenance of yachts is an important aspect. Jobs like removing antifouling paint and rust, spot repairs, removing rust are time consuming and annoying. With many years of global experience and numerous of prestigious references, the IBIX system becomes a more and more important part in the maintenance of yachts.

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Many boat owners are discouraged it. The ongoing battle against rust on ships. What is being done every year it comes back. The now banned red lead was actually the only product that caused delay.

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There are about 40 types of abrasives with each abrasive has multiple applications. Every year, more applications are being discovered with the IBIX system. If you have questions or IBIX system is suitable for your application, we are more than happy to advise you. Below a list of the most common applications in the different surfaces.

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The new IBIX 25 H2O HD

Check out the advantages of Heavy Duty:

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