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Facade cleaning

The Bachte-Maria-Leerne in Deinze is cleaned with IBIX 25 blastpots by Buijs Project. Cleaning but remain the old look of the church was the mission, so they have chosen for the IBIX 25 H2O. With the right abrasives the plaque can be cleaned without removing the patina.



Some examples of the possibilities with the IBIX® system for facade cleaning are:

  • Cleaning of fragile historic buildings.
  • Removing graffiti from all surfaces.
  • Removing smog and pollution of all kinds of stone.
  • Removal and roughening of paint on facades.
  • Also perfect cleaning troublesome yellow stone without spots.
  • Concrete roughening and / or cleaning.
  • Roughening and cleaning of stone.
  • Cleaning of very sensitive / polished objects.
  • Cleaning / roughening tiles.

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The advantages of working with the IBIX® system for facade cleaning:

  • Handy and lightweight tank and gun.
  • Userfriendly.
  • All types of cleaning stony surfaces completely.
  • Ecologically clean (without chemicals).
  • Payable.
  • Good workspeed (Cleaning of facades with 15 to 20 m²per hour).
  • Handles all types of grains.
  • Rapid deployment and easy to carry.
  • Adjustable pressure.


The new IBIX 25 H2O HD

Check out the advantages of Heavy Duty:

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