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Dust control

In certain situations it is important to work dust-free. With the Ibix system, it is possible to work dust-free at all times. Below a list of the possibilities.

Wet blasting

With wet blasting the dry abrasive is mixed in the gun with a water spray. The amount of this water is adjustable. Water ensures a 100% dust-free working environment. Water also create a smooth result with façade cleaning. This is the reason that cleaning facades always will be combined with wet blasting. Wet blasting for steel is less suitable because rust occurs immediately through the water. Paint systems have been developed which are based on flash rust so it is possible. Although we advice to blast without water and use other possibilities to avoid dust.

IBIX® suction brush

The Ibix suction brush can be connected on the gun. A dust extractor will be connected at the suction brush. Using the suction brush is the ideal solution for small spot blasting without mess and dust. the suction brush blocks the view during blasting so it is not ideal using this for blasting by example wood and other delicate substrates. 

Dustfree with a fan

Working with a suction brush delayed the working time. Another option is working with a fan. Creating a small area the fan will sucks the dust into a cotton dustbag. This is very usefull for Yacht maintenance and indoor blasting like stairs, kitchens etc. 

Please contact us for advice about dust free working.


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