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Sand blasting

"I heard sandblasting is not allowed anymore?" is a common question

The blasting with silica-sand has indeed been banned for decades. The reason for this is that during the blasting the sand strikes broken on the surface with the result of silica dust. The lungs are not able to seperate the silica dust in contrast to all other types of dust. With large amounts of silica dust lung capacity will significantly decrease. There are cases of people who have been exposed for decades to quartz and only have a lung capacity of 60%. This means that running or heavy physical activity could no longer be performed. 


As alternatives to quartz sand, Olivin sand is a widely used abrasive. Olivin sand comes mostly from Norway and contains less than 1% quartz. Blast with olivin sand create still dust, but this is not silica dust. The lungs are able to seperate the dust. Of course the use of a proper mask is still advised.


Garnet is a proper alternative. Garnet is a massive stone blasting media which does'nt break so this blasting media don't create dust.

In the Ibix system all kinds of abrasives can be processed. This gives the possibility of maintaining the substrate at all times to apply a legally authorized abrasive. Ask you're distrubitor for the right blastingmedia.


The new IBIX 25 H2O HD

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