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Soda blasting

With over 20 years experience in the Armex media, we have an unrivalled knowledge in the use of this technology. Here are some of the common questions we are asked. 

Can I use soda in the IBIX® blasting-unit?

Yes but you should use the Ibix 9H2o / Ibix 25 H2o HD or the Ibix 40 H2o HD. This machines are made to use this in combination with Soda blasting. The H2o take care of a nice result. The ARMEX will solve into the water so there is no residue. 

Which size system should I choose?

This depends on the type of work you wish to do, the speed of work is related to the size of blast nozzle,(the size of the blastpot is irrelevant) a larger nozzle requires more air volume hence a larger compressor, for mobile systems this is limited to the size that can be reasonably towed or mounted in a van so that will determine the most suitable system.

I only want to clean small items, do you have a small system?

Yes we do, the Ibix 9 H2o is designed for small users who only have a workshop compressor. The Ibix 9 is fitted with a nozzle up to 4 mm. requiring only a small air volume. Of course the Ibix 9 is a professional pressurised machine and not to be compared to the "fire extinguisher" type of suction venturi units sold for do-it-yourself use.

Is ARMEX just soda?

Not quite, ARMEX is sodium bicarbonate that is specifically formulated for abrasive blasting, that is why it says "blast media" on the bags. The crystals are angular and the media contains flow aids and moisture inhibitors not present in ordinary soda, this makes ARMEX far superior than just soda when used for blasting. If it doesn't say "blast media" on the bag then it isn't made for blasting!

Is soda the best abrasive?

That depends on the application, soda is a soluble soft abrasive used for non-destructive blast cleaning and is excellent for many applications such as some graffiti removal, food industry, machinery & component refurbishment, fire damage and aviation. However in some applications, the use of a very fine hard abrasive like Garnet, used at low pressure is more suitable and cost effective, this is particularly the case for cleaning brick & sandstone or for paint stripping from steel vehicle body shells. In a free demonstration we can show you the results with the different blasting media.

Can soda remove rust?

Only very light "flash rust" can be removed. As soon as you need to change the structure of the object's surface, like is the case with rust removal, soda is not the right abrasive. For this it is too soft and friable.

Can I use other abrasives through my machine?

Yes, you can use all kind of blastingmedia into the IBIX®. To make a successful, competitive blasting business it is essential to be able to operate with more than one abrasive.

Does soda make a mess?

All blasting can create dust and it is a fact that soda blasting can be quite dusty due to the fine nature and friability of the abrasive, this can be reduced by wet blasting but it is essential when carrying out a job, that consideration is given to containment of dust and collection /disposal of waste.

Can I see & try soda blasting?

Yes, we like to give you a free demonstration to see the benefits for not only soda blasting, but also all kind of blasting media.


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