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Olivine sand

Green Lighning Olivine Sand is often used for facade cleaning.



EuroGrit is widely used for the blasting of concrete and the removal of rust and paint coatings of steel .


Eurocal kalkpoeder

Eurocal lime powder is used for the cleaning of fragile monuments.


Glass beads

Glass beads are used for beautification of the surface without affecting the base material. Glass beads are great for toning surface.



Soda (Armex)

Soda (Armex®) is a water-soluble, odorless and slightly alkaline powder.



There are about 40 types of abrasives each with multiple applications.

Each year, more applications are being rediscovered by IBIX® system. If you have questions if the IBIX® system is also suitable for your application, we are more than happy to advise you. Below you will find a list of the various options with the most common abrasives.

Wood and furniture

  • Removing paint and wax of furniture.
  • Remove old paint layers of oak beams in a house.
  • Removing varnish on woodwork.
  • Removing paint / wax layers of wood flooring / parquet and similar
  • Renovating old wooden ornaments / images / wood carving / furniture.
  • Also cleaning soft types of wood.
  • Maintenance / Removing paint and rust of material.
  • Buffing / matting stuck coatings of steel.
  • Removing rust in hard to reach places.
  • Glass bead blasting / polishing of steel.
  • Remove mill scale from steel.
  • Clean welds very effectively.
Other materials
  • Roughening of all types of metal for adhesion.
  • Remove stains using glass beads.
  • Removing varnish / paint / corrosion of all metals.
Facing bricks
  • Remove smog / organic pollution of brick.
  • Removing graffiti from brick.
  • Cleaning brick retaining patina.
  • Remove paint from brick in almost all cases.
  • Remove stucco of brick.
  • Remove gelcoat polyester.
  • Osmosis treatment on polyester.
  • Slightly roughening of polyester suture.
  • Blasting / chiselling concrete.
  • Very quickly remove paint from concrete.
  • Remove stucco from concrete.


The new IBIX 25 H2O HD

Check out the advantages of Heavy Duty:

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