IBIX® 28 TRIOLOGY blastpots

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The IBIX® 28 is entirely made of aluminum, handy, easy to transport, extremely versatile and can be easily used by just one operator.

The choice of the most appropriate blasting material and the adjustable blasting pressure make the IBIX® system multipurpose and capable of providing unequalled performances in innumerable fields of application, all in full observance of the operator safety and the environmental safeguard standards.

IBIX® 28 H2O HD offers two different operating modes: dry or with a nebulized low-pressure water jet mixed with the abrasive. The mix happens in the nozzle so that the quantity of water used is reduced, along with the cleaning residues and the cost of protecting nearby areas. The use of water prevents dust to spread in the surroundings and is perfect in urban contexts or similar. The H2O method is versatile and can be used for different purposes such as restoration, urban cleanliness, graffiti removal, industrial cleaning and maintenance.

The HD (Heavy Duty) is designed with the following additional options:

  • Built-in funnel (so humid blasting agent also runs well)
  • Tungsten Carbide blast hose grommet (virtually no wear)
  • Check valve for pressure control (prevents sand in the pressure controller)
  • Intensive daily use without wearing parts, maintenance, etc.
  • Double Gun: H2O + Helix® patented system

The IBIX® 28 H2O HD is designed for intensive professional use, comes with options like above picture and can be used for the following applications:

  • Facade cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Yacht maintenance
  • Different cleaning tasks
  • Weight kg:


  • Dimensions h x w mm:

    1040 x 450

  • Standard nozzle mm:


  • Available nozzles cylindrical:

    3-4,5-7 mm.

  • Available nozzle conical:

    4-5-6 mm.

  • Air consumption:

    Minimum 53 cfm with 5,5 nozzle

  • Blasting medium-air hose in m:

    10 (other lenght on request)

  • Pressure in bar:

    0,2 - 7 (adjustable)

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