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Personal protection

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Lightweight mask delivered with P3 filter.

The IBIX® protective blasting mask is a lightweight jet mask with a dust filter. The mask has an outer window of glass with an inner window of plastic as break protection. The windows are easy to replace if damaged by blasting media. The mask has a separate closed breathing space, so that the inner window cannot be misted by breath. The hood is equipped with a strap, so that it fits well with your overall.


IBIX® blasting helmet for breathing air.

De IBIX® jet helmet is a comfortable lighweight helmet, suitable for all blasting works. The jet helmet is equipped with a control valve , flow indicator and cape with nylon belt.


Comfortable IBIX® blasting helmet with cape.

The IBIX® helmet has been specially developed to meet the needs of the IBIX® user. This comfortable blasting helmet guarantees complete personal protection during blasting work. The helmet is manufactured using top materials and the latest technologies. The helmet is made of composite material consisting of very durable glass fibers. The cape is made of comfortable and strong material and offers complete protection when blasting from any surface. Thanks to the lightweight and soft foam cushion interior, the helmet always fits perfectly on the head. In addition, you always have a perfect view thanks to the revolving helmet and the large window with pull-away windows.

Some advantages of the IBIX® multifunctional blasting helmet:

  • Window does not fog up thanks to the air distribution system. As a result, always a cooled head and face
  • Offers resistance to heat, pieces of molten metal and blasting media
  • Always a view of the breathing air supply thanks to the air flow indicator
  • Ergonomic and comfortable fit thanks to the lightweight foam cushion inner liner
  • Good hearing protection thanks to the sound-absorbing foam.
    Very light helmet of only 1.6 kg.

The IBIX® blasting helmet comes complete with 6 meters of breathing air hose, visors and spare parts.


This jet helmet has been developed in combination with supply of breathing air.

The lightweight and soft interior ensures a perfect fit like a motorcycle helmet and the helmet rotates with the head. The foam cushion helmet liner distributes the weight of the helmet over the entire head. No top heavy feeling more and less fatigue. The cover can be easily removed and washed.

The NOVA 3 has a very strong helmet shell made of high density polyethylene and is therefore very resistant to blasting media. The spotlight has a perfect view with the largest panoramic window on the market. The unique pull-out windows save a lot of time because the radiator has a clear view again in an instant.

The air distribution system distributes an even flow of breathable air through the helmet to cool the head and face while preventing the windshield from fogging. The air flow indicator keeps an eye on the breathing air supply. The wearer sees if the correct amount of air is supplied for the necessary protection.

The foam cushion cover and the silencer in the air hose also make the NOVA 3 the quietest helmet available. The blasting helmet can be further supplemented with light, a communication system, a helmet air heater or cooler and a suitable filter set for clean breathing air.


IBIX® breathing air filter developed to supply blast helmets with clean compressed air.

The filter is designed to remove moisture, oil residues and dust particles. The filter is equipped with a pressure reducing valve, manometer, safety valve and drain valve. The IBIX® breathing air filter removes condensation and up to 98% of particles with a size of 0.5 Micron or smaller. The filter is particularly suitable for use on location and 2 blast helmets can be connected to it.


Comfortable IBIX® overall.

This comfortable wearing IBIX® coverall fits well on the mask and thus prevents penetration of blasting media.