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ReGlass Glasgrit is produced according to the highest standards. The entire process takes place at 1 location so that a permanently stable quality can be guaranteed.

The high-quality production process for manufacturing ReGlass Glass Grit consists of several factors:

High-quality glass is supplied from various industries such as car windows, high-quality residual products from Saint Gobain, etc. A careful selection gives you the certainty of a high-quality abrasive with a very high effectiveness.

The incoming glass is thoroughly and intensively cleaned so that pure glass remains without residual products.

The plant where ReGlass Glass Grit is produced has an extensive range of different crushers. These Barmac Crushers from the Finnish company Metso are one of the most effective on the market. Thanks to this extensive range of crushers, the finest grains can be produced for an optimal blasting result.

To dry
A dry grain is extremely important when blasting. There is a drying installation on the processing plant that ensures an optimal dry grain.

Test process and sieving
The crushed and dry glass is sieved in different grain sizes according to the highest standards. This process is very important so that you have an even result for the different applications.

The ReGlass Glass Grit is packed in splash-proof plastic bags of 25 kg. and placed on a pallet. This pallet is also packed watertight so that you have the certainty of a dry abrasive.

Why ReGlass Glasgrit?

  • Low cost
  • No dust formation
  • Very fine grain sizes available
  • Extensively tested for cleanliness

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