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About IBIX®

IBIX® originates in Norway. Almost everything in Norway revolves around oil and shipping. There was a demand on board for a professional blast pot that is lightweight, compact and easy to move.
From this basis, Kjetil Stenehjem developed the IBIX® and started his company under the name IBIX® Norway As. The unique design was subsequently patented.

Many blast pots are heavy, large and difficult to move.

Kjetil has taken into account the following principles in the design of the IBIX®:

  • Lightweight blast pot that is corrosion resistant
  • Lightweight blast hose for minimal physical strain
  • Comfortable jet gun
  • For daily intensive use
  • Can be used and moved by 1 user

The concept was received with great enthusiasm by shipping. Large shipping companies such as Maersk also switched to the IBIX® system.

A few decades later, the IBIX® patent and concept was bought by Techno Supply Srl. in Italy. The IBIX® system has been further developed so that it can be used in all branches.

The result is a no-nonsense blast pot with a 5-year warranty that is fully tailored to today's needs.

  • Processing all types of abrasives
  • The ability to blast with soda
  • Fine blasting so that a nice even spray is achieved with a low pressure
  • Extensive range of cylindrical and conical nozzles
  • Affordable

For the above reasons, the IBIX® system is often sold by start-up companies or companies that want to expand their service package. Companies that blast with other blast pots also regularly switch to the IBIX® system as an alternative or supplement.

Helix® vortex jets
In 2011 the patent for vortex blasting using the Jos system expired.
Techno Supply has refined, expanded and repatented Jos system under the name Helix.
Swirl blasting offers enormous possibilities for the selective cleaning of monumental buildings and (vulnerable) wooden objects such as furniture, carvings, etc.

As can be expected from a professional blast pot, all models of the IBIX® system meet the European guidelines for pressure equipment PED 97/23 / EC.
IBIX® is also in possession of the ASME certificate, which stands for very strict standards and can therefore be used worldwide.

These guidelines give you the assurance of a proven and assured safety.