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Facade cleaning

A good blast kettle for facade cleaning is easy to carry, easy to use, can work quickly and effectively and has a lightweight blast gun and blast hose.

With the user-friendly and compact IBIX® blasting kettle, facade cleaning has become a pleasant job. Due to the continuously adjustable working pressure, all possible facades and also the very sensitive surfaces can be professionally cleaned. Not the size of a blast pot, but the size of the nozzle and the operating pressure determine the speed of work. With the IBIX® system you work with the same working pressure and size nozzle as with traditional blast pots, but you do not have to deal with heavy, bulky blast pots and blast hoses.


Some examples of the possibilities with the IBIX® system for facade cleaning are:

  • Cleaning vulnerable monumental buildings
  • Removal of graffiti from all surfaces
  • Removal of smog and contamination from all types of stone
  • Removal and roughening of paint layers on facades
  • Also perfectly clean the tricky yellow stone without stains
  • Roughen and / or clean concrete
  • Roughening and cleaning of natural stone
  • Cleaning very fragile / polished objects
  • Cleaning / roughening of roof tiles


The advantages of working with the IBIX® system for facade cleaning:

  • Compact blast pot and easy to carry
  • Rapid deployment
  • Lightweight blast gun and blast hose
  • Simple operation of the system
  • Can process all types of abrasives
  • Low abrasive consumption
  • Infinitely adjustable working pressure



    Antwerp Zoo was built in 1843, making it the oldest zoo in Belgium. With an average of 1 million visitors per year, Antwerp Zoo is also the most visited zoo in Belgium. The cleaning of this monumental building was carried out at the beginning of 2016. Traditional methods such as sandblasting and high pressure cleaning are not allowed. The Verbeek Group in Antwerp cleaned this project with HELIX® vortex jets. With this, the natural stone and the many concrete ornaments have been cleaned without damaging the surface. In addition to cleaning, the concrete repairs were also carried out by Verbeek.

    Click here for more images of the project.


    The Bachten-Maria-Leerne in Deinze has been cleaned by Buijs Project in Hoogerheide with the IBIX® 25 blasting kettle. Cleaning the church building without losing its old appearance was one of the wishes. The choice was made for the IBIX® 25 H2O, because with the help of the water system and the correct abrasives, the facing brick can be cleaned without removing the patina layer.


    Las Palmas Rotterdam, cleaning concrete elements and facing brick & Nuon building Leiden, cleaning facing brick.


    Groothandelsgebouw Rotterdam, cleaning facing brick & Klaverstede Westpoint cleaning concrete elements.


    Fortunia Antwerp cleaning natural stone and façade work & Deurne cleaning monumental building.