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Other applications

There are about 40 types of blasting media with each blasting media having multiple applications. More applications with the IBIX® system are discovered every year. If you have any questions as to whether the IBIX® system is also suitable for your application, we will be happy to advise you. Below is a list of the most common applications in the different surfaces.

Wood & Furniture

  • Removing old paint / wax layers from furniture
  • Removing old layers of paint from oak beams in a home
  • Removal of varnish on woodwork
  • Removing paint / wax layers from wooden floors / parquet etc.
  • Renovating old wooden ornaments / statues / carvings / furniture
  • Also cleaning soft woods


  • Maintenance / removal of paint and rust from equipment
  • Roughening / matting adhering paint layers of steel for adhesion
  • Rust very easily in hard-to-reach places
  • Glass beading / polishing of steel
  • Remove mill scale from steel
  • Clean weld seams very effectively

Other metals

  • Roughening of all types of metals for bonding
  • Remove welding spots with glass beads
  • Removal of varnish / paint layers / corrosion from all metals

Facing brick

  • Removing smog / organic contamination from facing brick
  • Removing graffiti from facing brick
  • Cleaning facing brick while retaining the patina
  • Remove paint from facing brick in almost all cases
  • Removal of stucco from facing brick


  • Removing gelcoat from polyester
  • Perform osmosis treatment on polyester
  • Light roughening of polyester for adhesion


  • Blasting / bushing concrete
  • Remove paint from concrete very quickly
  • Removing stucco from concrete



Painter company Houtepen is responsible for maintaining the metal preservation at the Dow industry in Terneuzen. Painting company Houtepen has its own blast cabinet on the Dow. Yet there is also a lot of mobile blasting. It is important here that the blasting unit is light, compact, but also able to remove thick layers of rust.

The IBIX® 9 blasting machine is excellent in this regard. Thanks to the carrying strap, blasting at great heights with the help of lightweight compressed air hose is possible. Thanks to the lightweight jet gun and blast hose, the IBIX® blasting machine does not overload the operator, even in hard-to-reach places.


Heerema in Zwijndrecht makes the largest drilling rigs in the world. In the enormous warehouse in Zwijndrecht, these drilling rigs are constructed from blasted components and welded. When welding, the welds and welds must be blasted clean before the derrick can be sprayed.

Heerema uses the IBIX® 9 blasting machine for this. This can easily be carried between the scaffolding, is quick to use and achieves the mandatory roughness. Thanks to the abrasive GMA® Garnet, dust formation is minimal. Because the material supply can be adjusted very precisely, no grain is used too much.


The Dordrecht seaport company uses the IBIX® 25 blasting machine for maintenance on cranes and other transhipment equipment.


GSB in Ochten accepts large and medium-sized blasting and preservation jobs all over the Netherlands. This varies from various bridges, but also mega projects such as the Oosterscheldekering. The large blasting installations that GSB works with are ideal for blasting very large surfaces. For smaller and hard-to-reach applications, GSB has several IBIX® 25P Units in use. This enables them to perform professional blasting work quickly and adequately at any location.