Yacht maintenance

Quality and efficiency are two very important elements in yacht maintenance. Yacht maintenance work can be time consuming and tedious. This includes the removal of antifouling paint from both polyester and steel, the removal of rust formation, spot repair and many other things. With years of worldwide experience and numerous prestigious references, the IBIX® system has become an important part of yacht maintenance. More and more marinas are therefore working with the IBIX® system for the total maintenance of yachts.

With the IBIX® system you are able to work dust-free under all circumstances. Thanks to the right choice of blasting media and good extraction or water misting, you can carry out the above activities both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the time savings and the low costs of the abrasives, the IBIX® system is cost effective and yacht maintenance has become a lot more enjoyable.


Some examples of the possibilities for yacht maintenance with the IBIX® system:

  • Effectively remove antifouling paint
  • Performing spot repair for gelcoat
  • Remove mill scale from new steel
  • Remove paint and rust from steel
  • Cleaning the propeller under low pressure
  • Cleaning stainless steel components
  • Cleaning teak


The benefits of yacht maintenance with the IBIX® system:

  • Remove antifouling paint very quickly and effectively
  • Deliver high-quality work in much less time
  • Working 100% ecologically without paint removers
  • Create the perfect surface when removing rust
  • Work completely dust-free both indoors and outdoors
  • No heavy physical strain



    Royal Huisman is a shipbuilder with international allure. The compact IBIX® 9 is the ideal solution for Royal Huisman thanks to its rapid deployment. This gives Royal Huisman the opportunity to quickly and adequately remove rust from small areas, to perform osmosis treatments or to carry out professional blasting work in hard-to-reach places and to remove rust and antifouling.

    Previously, things like this were done through scraping and sanding, and are now done with a better result in much less time.


    When pretreating before spraying, Holterman Jachten uses the IBIX® 25 as a very effective agent. For more information, visit www.holtermanshipyard.nl.


    Polyrep is a household name for maintenance, delivery and rental of lifeboats. For maintenance it is important to be able to perform a quick spot repair on the polyester. For this they use the IBIX® 9 in combination with GMA Garnet. For more information, visit www.polyrep.nl


    To carry out maintenance on board, Gouwzee Sailing yachts have all kinds of places on board.


    Delta Yacht Colijnsplaat removes antifouling paint and rust from small and medium-sized yachts and sailing boats with the IBIX® 25.


    Dörr Jachtbetimmering removes rust with the IBIX® 9 before the hull of the paneling can be placed.

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